The first time I needed to migrate a WordPress site from one domain/hosting platform to a different one for a client, I lost at least a day and a half in billable hours, and took at least that much off my life in the stress it caused. I researched, I followed instructions on Youtube, and—in each case—something turned out to not work quite as it should. URL’s were incorrect. Links were dropped. I had to update image links manually. In short, it was a mess, and I dreaded ever being asked to do that again.

I attended my first Wordcamp in Seattle last Fall, and met Gregg from Serverpress at a vendor table before the conference started. The five minutes spent learning about Serverpress turned out to be the most valuable of the entire day (and it was a day FULL of great presenters and information, btw.)

Migration Made Easy

Serverpress allows the user to install a local WordPress site on their desktop, make all the edits, and then easily upload to the hosting server in a matter of minutes. If (like me) you have been in the habit of doing live updates on your sites and then praying for the best, Serverpress is a godsend. I now keep local backups of my sites, where I can test out plugin and WP updates first before doing updates on the live site. What’s more, when migrating a site, it is literally a matter of minutes to download a site backup, export it with the new domain name, and then upload it to any WordPress installation using the Desktop Server plugin. I don’t even need to access C-panel to do this. Stress free!

Great Support

Additionally, the support is excellent. While trying to be over-clever I messed up the database locations for my locally saved websites, and went into complete panic. I called Serverpress, and their support team worked with me for over an hour to solve the problem (which was, admittedly, all my doing.) They did this late in the day on a Friday, with holiday parties calling, and they did it with complete grace and patience for my mistakes.

If you don’t use Desktop Server, go buy it now. At a price point of $99.95, it will pay for itself instantly in the hours you will not waste migrating your site manually, or cowboy coding. Had I owned Desktop Server at the beginning of 2015, I would have saved at least 30 hours of wasted time throughout the year.

Clearly I am a fan.


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