Using the Divi Library

Nearly all of the sites I build as a freelance web designer use the Divi Theme on WordPress. Many of my clients like to edit and maintain their own sites after launch, so this post is generally meant for them, but may help out anyone who is looking for help using the Divi Theme.

Divi Library Tutorial

If you’ve ever worked to create a great piece of content, and then realized that you wanted to replicate it on another page, the Divi Library feature is for you. It allows the user to export pieces of content – modules, rows, sections, or even whole pages – onto another page or post. This feature is especially handy because some of these content pieces may have special styling or code that is time-consuming to reproduce when starting from scratch. If I like the look of something, I will often use the library to import it, and then change just the things I want to change on the new page while keeping the overall style. (This only works with the global option turned off.) Using the global option turned on is a great way to create content that will always be the same anywhere on the site – change it on one page, and you change it everywhere. But, hey, text is not the easiest way to convey these things. Just watch the video.

Have a Question?

If you have a question about basic functionings of WordPress or the Divi Theme, just let me know in the form below. I’ll do my best to answer in an upcoming video and post the answer here.

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Andrea Gabriel

Andrea Gabriel

Freelance Web Designer

As a freelance web designer, Andrea specializes in custom WordPress sites for small to medium-sized business and nonprofits. An experienced designer, writer, and artist, she enjoys finding the exact solution to best fit a client’s expression, and loves teaching others how to maintain their own sites.

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Andrea Gabriel

Andrea Gabriel


Andrea is owner and designer at Creekside Collaborative. An artist and a writer in her free time, she enjoys working clients to get the exact right sight for their needs.

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