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How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin to Get Found on Google

Most of us spend a great deal of effort creating new posts for our sites, so it is frustrating when that content does not show up in searches. To get found on Google (or any of the other search engines) you will need to pay attention to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. To make it super simple, this just means that if your blog post is all about golden retriever puppies, you want it to show up in searches for golden retriever puppies, instead of searches for dog collars. To to that, we have to optimize the content for the searcn engines so they know what the content is about and are able to catalog it appropriately. This post is generally meant for clients of Creekside Collaborative, who will already have the appropriate setup on their websites, but others may find it useful too. Unless otherwise requested, all of the sites I build for clients are built on WordPress using the Divi Theme, and come with the Yoast SEO Plugin installed. The plugin does some helpful things right out of the box, but it can do a lot more if you use it on a regular basis. The video below will walk you through the process.  

Keywords Matter if You Want to Get Found on Google

If you want to get found on Google, the keywords you choose matter. A lot. Some keyword phrases are so saturated with paid ads and massive competition from the big dogs that it can be difficult to get found. Helping with SEO is something I do for clients subscribed my business-oriented WordPress Maintenance plans, but also something I can help with on an as-needed basis. I’m happy to prepare strategic keyword lists, talk with you about your content goals, etc. and help you come up with a plan. Just shoot me an email if you’d like a little help.

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