Insurance Company Website Design

JAISIN needed a new insurance company website design for their Florida and US clients. Of primary importance was clean design, and very accessible navigation so potential clients can find exactly what they need in JAISIN’s large list of offerings.

screenshot from insurance company website design
screenshot from insurance company website design
screenshot from insurance company website design

What should an insurance website have?

While all companies are different, there are some components that we identified as important for all insurance company website designs and incorporated into our design for JAISIN:

Clear Calls to Action

Ultimately, insurance is sold by talking with the customer, so it is important that site visitors have a clear call to action leading them to methods of contact as soon as possible.

The Human Touch

Insurance is a business of trust. It’s important to see the faces of people who work there, which inspires trust in potential clients.

Easily Accessible Contact Information

Aside from the original contact form, it’s important for clients to have some way of calling or contactin their agents immediately obvious on the site.

Simple Navigation

Insurance companies can have a lot of offerings, which makes it important to provide clear navigation that funnels site visitors easily to the one very specific product they are seeking.

Convenient Client Logins

Login in needs to be simple and easy.

Multiple Points of Entry

Everyone is going to search in different ways, so it’s a good idea to have content based on the region(s) served, as well as content specific to the insurance products offered.

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