WordPress Maintenance Options

Many businesses prefer to focus on what they do best and leave the website maintenance and updates to someone else. In those cases, we offer a competitive set of WordPress maintenance packages that can save money above ordering a la carte hourly-rate updates to a website.

If one of the plans below doesn’t do all that you need, we offer a la carte WordPress Maintenance services at a rate of $60 an hour. A free consultattion is offered first to determine whether we are the right fit.

Off-Site Daily Backups – Your whole site will be backed up on a different server, so you’re protected, even if the worst should happen.

WordPress Updates – Updates to the WordPress core are essential, and need to be done in a timely fashion in order to avoid security or functionality problems. These are completed as soon as the update rolls out and is proven to work with your plugins.

Plugin Updates – In addition to the regular updates needed for security and funtionality, regular checks will be performed for outdated or unused plugins cluttering up your site.

Hosting/Domain – Hosting/domain registration are included, if you would like that service.

Security Monitoring & Repair – Your site will be monitored for security and maintenance issues, and restored from backup if necessary.

Monthly Site Report – You will receive a monthly site report showing site health, maintenance performed and, if inclded, SEO and Google Analytics.

Professional, Friendly Support – I do my best to be helpful and available for all issues related to your WordPress maintenance.

Uptime Monitoring – If your plan includes it, we’ll monitor any downtime experienced by your site. (Hint: my hosting at Siteground has an AMAZING uptime rate.)

Roll-Over Development Time – If your plan includes it, development time can be accrued and used all in one project, or used for regular content updates.

SEO & Analytics – If your plan includes it, I will work with you to develop SEO keywords and goals. Use your monthly report to see how you’re moving up in the ranks!

Site Optimization – I will do all I can to optimize your site performance, depending on your host selection.

How it Works

Just sign up for one of the maintenance packages above, and we can get started. I’ll be in touch shortly to set up the details, then you can sit back and relax!

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WordPress Website Maintenance
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WordPress Website Maintenance
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Creekside Collaborative,
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A-la-carte or packaged WordPress Website Maintenance including: plugin/theme/WP-core updates, security checks, trouble shooting, content updates, backups, and more.