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A common question that I get from clients is how to upload a PDF to WordPress and add to the top level navigation, or to any menu that you have on the site. It’s fairly easy to add a page or a blog post to the menu, but adding something like a PDF or another type of media item is not as intuitive. Let me show you how to do that very quickly.

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The first thing you want to do is go to the dashboard of your site (here we’re in my lovely generic WordPress site.) You’ll want to go into the media library, choose ‘add new,’ and select the file that you want to add. I want to add a flyer here and, as you can see, this flyer is only 289 KB which is you want—to keep these pretty small—you definitely don’t want to be uploading giant PDFs willy-nilly on your site. If your PDF is too large or you suspect that it’s too large, just leave a question about how to make it smaller in the question space below this post, and I’ll cover that in another episode. But for now, I’m going to upload this flyer, and it’s appeared in the media library so I’m going to click on it, and what we’re looking for here is the URL, which is the address where that is stored on your site. I am going to copy that URL and close that out so now I have it on my clipboard.

Let’s go in and edit the menus which are under appearance> menus, and here we can see the four main pages that I have showing on my menu currently. We’re going to choose custom links, and here in the ‘URL’ I’m going to paste the address of the PDF that I just uploaded. In ‘link text’ I want to type in the words that will be visible on the menu. Here I’m going to type “our flyer.” Choose ‘add to menu.’ You can decide where you want to put it. Save menu.

Then when we go out to the site here it is: “Our Flyer.” Click on it, and it opens fairly quickly in its own page. Now, if you ever suspect that it’s too large, one of the ways you can tell is if it takes forever for this to display. Anyway, I hope that helps. Be sure and leave me any questions or comments in the form below, and I will cover that in a future episode. Thanks, and have a great day.

Credit Where it’s Due

Also, if you like the flyer design, it’s something I grabbed over at creativemarket.com  – part of a nice design put together by user Ahsanjaya.


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