If anyone had told me, five years ago, that I would fall in love with a content management system (CMS) called WordPress, I would have asked, “what’s a CMS?” How time changes things…

Five years ago, I had helped to start a small non-profit helping school kids in Mongolia with their school supplies. A helpful Mongolian man, Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan—now  the founder and president of The New Media Group)—volunteered to create a new website for the organization. He used WordPress. In order to update our new site, I had to learn the ins and outs of this unfamiliar format. After several nights of cursing and frustration, something just “clicked,” and I got hooked. Having previously only created sites in Dreamweaver, WordPress was, well…a dream by comparison. I could change the names of pages and media, and the links would be updated across the site. By using the correct themes, my sites were first adaptive, and now responsive to different screen sizes. I could update my site from anywhere. Media resized itself appropriately. I could hardly stop myself from creating new websites.

It’s All About Telling a Story

I’ve spent much of my work life writing and illustrating books for children, so I am as surprised as anyone to find how much I enjoy the challenges of creating new websites for clients in a professional capacity. But, really, they are not such different activities: both require a commitment to communicating a story, whether that story is about naughty bunnies or the new dog grooming business in town. I enjoy both! And one aspect of web design that I truly enjoy is the opportunity to collaborate and interact with the clients. It really is fun when we are both pleased with the result.

If you’ve got a new website in mind, or need help with an old one, please check out the services I can provide to help you. Feel free to contact me for an estimate.

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