WordPress Security – It’s REALLY Important

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It Can Happen to Anyone

Years ago, when I had my first site – one dedicated to my work as a children’s book illustrator – I didn’t even know that WordPress security was a concern. Then the trouble began: most of my emails (which used my domain name) were being sent to spam folders. I looked up my domain, and found that it had been reported many many times as a delivery vehicle for Russian pornographers (not a good match with my demographic of parents and children under the age of 8.) I managed to clean the site, and (after months of painful effort) managed to re-establish the wholesomeness of my domain.

For more about the critical necessity of securing your site, read this excellent article by David Attard.

WordPress Security Hacks Can be Prevented

Now I know better. My own site and every site I create is built with security precautions built in. THAT being said, things happen: clients may change their passwords to something easily hackable, they may neglect plugin and WordPress core updates, a new intern may do something untoward…Do you know what you would do if your site went down or was corrupted? For these and many other reasons, it is important to have a regular WordPress maintenance plan in place – one that addresses updates, security issues, and back-ups. If you find yourself too busy to do these tasks yourself (and many of us are) I offer several different maintenance plans to help clients put these concerns behind them and get back to work.



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