Does WordPress Have You Tied in Knots?

You’ve got a new WordPress site, and are ready to roll! But…

What Now?

You are NOT alone. While WordPress is simple to use, once you get the hang of it, many of its functions are just not intuitive for first-time (or even second-time) users.

WordPress Tutorials

When I build a new WordPress site for a client, a large part of the offering is tutorials for those who would like to change their content or maintain their blog posts. For several months after a site is new, I anticipate 2-5 hours spent in coaching calls or Skype sessions showing clients how to use their new site (unless they opt for a full-service maintenance option.) While perusing the message boards, it occurred to me that I should be offering this same service outside of my regular clients, as many new users face the same confusions.


One-on-One WordPress Tutorial Sessions

Topics Covered

This is a personal session, so we can talk about whatever you need help with. Here are a few of the most common questions I get, but by no means an exhaustive list:

  • how to make a blog post
  • dealing with images
  • changing fonts and colors
  • making a new page
  • differences between pages and posts
  • what are categories, and how do they work?
  • how to edit the menu


What You’ll Need

  • Your computer, connected to the internet
  • A good phone connection or (preferably) Skype.

How it Works

Just sign up for one of the tutorial packages above, and we can get started. Once I hear from you, we’ll set up a one-time, regular, or as-needed meeting schedule, and we can get begin solving your WordPress questions.


Andrea Gabriel

Andrea Gabriel

Principal, Designer

Andrea specializes in custom WordPress sites. An experienced designer, writer, and artist, she enjoys finding the exact solution to best fit a client’s expression, and loves teaching.

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